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FINDERS KEEPERS! – The One Of a Kind Restaurants.



For years in the restaurant world there were just “mom and pops” restaurants. Then came “chain units”.  The latter took great efforts to make each new unit look and feel just like the last.  There was an inherent understanding that consistency of the experience from one city to the next had value.  Of course, there were some of us who sought out those funky joints back around the corner that had the best chicken in the county… especially if a local had introduced it to you. Granted, it often took courage to give it a try.  Admittedly, half the time the experiment was disastrous – BUT the other half equaled an ample reward for the pioneering spirit. Those great discoveries remain top of mind because of the absence of predictability in location, building, menu, food quality or service. Certainly, with the many safety regulations in the industry, the risk of getting sick are minimal. Not only is there an openness to try the unusual, but many markets demand it.

Restauranteurs who come to Trapp Associates are looking for creative and unique architecture and design solutions that will have that “one of a kind” market presence.  Placing value in the “one of kind” feel can be carried along with growth while still keeping the essence of the brand. Growing the “brand” may be more powerfully realized within the food and service quality, not with using the same design, chair, light or logo. We are seeing “chain units” reverting away from prototypical and formulaic design and resorting to unique experiences at each individual store without adversely affecting their budgets. Let us know if we can help you!